Best-in-Class Strategic Planning

A strategy is like a roadmap, outlining all the details of the trip before setting off on the journey. For digital marketers, a well-developed plan is the first step to a successful campaign. It not only provides a sense of direction but also lists the measurable goals.

Throughout the process of the digital marketing campaign, the strategy serves as a guide in daily decision making and lays the groundwork for future evaluations and planning.

"Before you even begin developing your strategy and workflow processes, you need to get into the mindset of your ideal audience. Discover who they are, what they want to achieve, and what their concerns are, as well as where they spend their time online.”

Your campaign is targeting your ideal target audience, so the strategy needs to be built around them.

Your strategy should also be grounded in proven consumer behavior and marketing fundamentals. At any point in time, the focus should be on determining what will produce the highest impact for reaching your goals. Here is a brief outline of a best-practices digital marketing strategy process:

First, pinpoint and prioritize changes in the areas that are responsible for the highest volume/performance to generate quick wins.

Determine and grow the areas with the most potential for best performance. Also, eliminate underperforming areas and move savings toward the most profitable areas.

  1. Once your accounts are geared for success, continue to improve your strategy, identify additional areas for growth, and conduct tests to ensure your marketing efforts are at optimal performance.

After implementing your strategy, the best thing you can do for your future campaigns is to regularly review your data. Use your key performance indicators (KPIs) to discover how campaigns within a channel (i.e. paid social, paid search, etc) compare to each other. Also, take a look at your digital marketing channels to see which performed best in reaching your target audience. All of this information can help you improve your future strategies, processes, and campaigns.

Our Best Tips for Building Your Strategy

Start with your audience in mind

Identify who your target audience is (executives, millennials, parents, etc).

Think like your target audience.

Ask yourself the following questions: Who are they and how can you best resonate with them? What are their fears, concerns, and hesitations? What are they ultimately trying to achieve?

Discover where they are.

Think about their online activities: Where do they hang out online? What sites are they visiting? What channels are they using?

Define your marketing channels.

Use your brainstorming discoveries to decide which marketing channels you should use in your strategy (i.e. B2B companies are more likely to look for their customers on LinkedIn or other business-related websites).

Craft your workflow.

What key messages do you want to send? What ads? Your workflow should integrate the whole process, from how a lead enters your system, who will contact them at each stage, and how they move through the funnel depending on their decisions along the way. If a lead doesn’t convert, decide what steps you want to take them through (this could mean retargeting through the same or a different channel).

Outline your goals.


Ultimately, what are you trying to achieve with this campaign and/or marketing channel (i.e. lead generation, sales, boost your brand awareness, etc)? Define your goals at each stage of the funnel as well, what outcome do you want from your customer at each step?




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