Ad Copy

Got milk? Just do it. Where’s the beef?

Although these ads will forever be imprinted in our minds, it doesn’t mean that the best ads are just the memorable ones. In fact, it’s the ones that make your audiences take action that really matter – like buy your product, submit their contact information, or refer their family and friends.

You can think of ads as vehicles to engage your target audiences and give them a first impression that makes them want to move forward with your brand.

And just like all great things, ad momentum can fade over time, so it’s essential that you constantly test your ads with fresh copy, like we do for our clients.

Case Study: Ad Copy Testing

In our pay-per-click campaigns, ad copy testing is essential to drive more clicks and conversions. For our Fintech company, we decided to test their popular slogan of – “Be An Investor, Not a Landlord” against the winning ad. It’s a powerful sentiment that should resonant with audiences and increase engagement. Scroll down to see how it performed!

The Results

After 8 weeks of running this ad copy test on Google, the “Be An Investor, Not a Landlord” copy beat the “Solid Cash Flow Rental Properties” with a 10% higher click-through-rate. This ad therefore generated more clicks and drove more traffic to the landing page.

Higher CTR

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