Client Testimonial

“Who are you? What’s your company about? Why should I buy your product/service? Why should I trust you?”

If this sounds all-too-familiar, you are not alone. The influx of social media and review websites has spurred a need for customers to need social proof to trust you. They need their peers to tell them that they used your product/service, had a positive experience, and would use you again.

There’s multiple ways to generate social proof – you should start by creating profiles, if you haven’t already, on review sites like Yelp, Google+, and Trust Pilot. Then ask your past clients for reviews (this is only difficult when you have unhappy customers, so make sure to keep them satisfied).

Another way to build trust is to create social-proof documents yourself, called Case Studies.

What are Case Studies?

Case Studies highlight a specific customer and their story. Typically, they start with an issue the client had before they came to you, and then finish with how you were ultimately the solution to their problem.

What’s great about Case Studies is how much usage you can get out of them. With the client’s permission, you can use them across your website, your email campaigns, and even social media ads. And they can be extremely affective, since they are humanizing your brand to your customers.

For our real estate investment client, it was essential that we get case studies for them every month. The reason is that the investment amount is tens of thousands of dollars, which is a pretty penny for most to part with blindly. 

Here’s just some of the samples of case studies we put together:

These case studies were monumental for the company who used them across their email nurture campaigns to help move leads through the funnel, and they built trust across the board.

Engagement Rate
Conversion Rate

During a three-month time period, the sales team sent out these Case Studies to leads to engage and convert them into sales. 5.6% of the leads who received a case study engaged with the piece by either viewing or downloading the document. From this group, 8.3% converted into sales after receiving the Case Study.

Create Collateral that Builds Trust