Even while the infamous “you’ve got mail” has vanished from our vocabulary, email marketing is still a tried and true method of engaging with your clients and nurturing the living daylight’s out of them.

Now that email is easily accessible on mobile, a majority of people check their email inbox multiple times a day. This means you have a higher visibility to be seen by your customers, if you are enticing them enough to open your email.

Open rates and click-to-open rates are huge indicators of whether or not your email was successful with your client database. When it comes to email, it’s important to conduct A/B Split tests as well as updating your email format as you better understand your customer and their needs.

Email segmentation is also a key area of email and can be a headache if you haven’t done it before. That’s why we’d like to help. We’ve had experience with email, building flows, and can help you improve your open rates and open-to-click through rates. We’ll understand your current client-base, develop a strategy to engage each persona, and then help create the emails that get your audiences to act now.

Just see how a small change drastically improved this email template of our clients:


Subject Line: {First Name}, stay on track…


Subject Line: {First Name}, these new construction rentals are sure to go fast!

Improvements Made:

  • Label in Photo: For readers to easily evaluate the properties.
  • Webinar Link: Creates trust in the first paragraph.
  • Body Copy: Copy includes benefits of properties and longer in length.


More Opens
More Clicks
Less Unsubscribes
More Website Sign-Ups

Are Your Emails Performing to Their Full Potential?