Extensive Keyword

Think of all the Google searches you’ve done lately. Are they the same ones you typed in and searched last year?

Chances are slim to none that you are still Googling the same topics as you were months ago. This is why pay-per-click is always evolving. Just like people, search is adapting to changed human behavior.

For a business, this means you have to stay on top of the trendy keywords that your target audience is searching. You’d be surprised on the new language, products, and services that pop up and grow popular quickly.

You could be missing out on traffic, sales, and customers if you don’t do your due diligence and research new keywords!

This is exactly what happened to our clients. Here’s some examples.

Turnkey Property Keywords

In the investment real estate field, there was a new term  that was being used frequently by influencers and industry experts for the last year or so.


When I learned about the phrase in early 2016, we immediately added similar keywords to our client’s PPC campaign with “turnkey” placement in the ad and on the landing page. It’s been running for a few months now and the results are quite astonishing – over 650 leads at 10% less cost per lead than the average campaign for the same time period. 

Cost Per Lead

Branded Coupon Keywords

With the influx of coupon code websites, this eCommerce client was missing out on an incredible opportunity to convert sales from people searching their brand name + the keyword coupon.

Through a deeper analysis, not only were they losing traffic, but those who originally searched their brand were leaving to competitors.

By creating a deals-featuring landing page, enticing ad copy, and running a pay-per-click campaign, the results within the first two weeks were phenomenal!    


Halloween-Related Keywords

Another area for improvement for this client was holiday-related keywords that were not converting, yet they had the inventory in stock.

I simply created a Halloween category-page, sorted the inventory, and then ran a pay-per-click campaign to test out performance in October. Within its first-year running, it had such a great return on investment that it now runs all year-long. 


Are you missing some profitable keywords?

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