Maybe you don’t like to admit it…but you secretly want HER shoes, HIS wanderlust life, or THEIR side-splitting humor.

Whatever it is. Influencers are making a huge impact on peers’ buy decisions and giving brands a whole new avenue of social advertising.

As brand advocates, influencers give their stamp of approval fickly, following a specific procedure to protect their reputation and followers. After all, their reputation is everything.

Here’s the typical code of conduct we’ve ran across when working with influencers:

  • Must truly believe their audience will benefit from your product/service
  • Must have complete trust in your company
  • Must try your service/product first before promoting to others
  • Reserves the right to give an impartial opinion of your product/service (this means negative aspects may be highlighted alongside the positive ones)
  • May stop the relationship at anytime if product/service/company does not live up to their standards or the standards of their followers
  • May or may not link to your website

With all these restrictions, it can be frustrating and time-consuming to find, acquire, and work with the right influencers who will get you the returns you desire.

That’s how we can help!

Our Experience with Influencers

Doctor Investors

For our Fintech client, we were able to work with an actual investor who started his own blog about investing. This was a goldmine of leads, as he could give his first-hand, genuine experience with the company. Not to mention, the subject of his blog jived perfectly with the type of audiences we were looking to capture.

Less Cost per Lead
Conversion Rate

The results were astonishing! Although the lead volume was low (due to the blog traffic), the lead quality was off the charts and at a great price. The client spent 87% less on the cost per lead when compared to other advertising channels. Additionally, they had the highest conversion rate of 25% from this channel.

Arts and Craft Interested

Based off the inventory of our client, we put together a strategy of reaching out to arts and craft influencers who would be great brand advocates and users of the product. We supplied the inventory and let the influencers be creative with their concoctions. Oh Happy Day was the largest influencer (based on traffic) we worked with who created videos, shot colorful photos, and ran a giveaway with the client.

594 %

After six months of running this influencer campaign, the client received a 594% return on investment, and continues to receive sales from this influencer. It was a win-win for all around!

The Automotive Industry

In our research with this particular client we discovered that social media is the platform of choice for the influencers of the automotive industry. It is a main source of research and a huge motivator in the buying process for the customer.  

Our strategy with this client was to:

  • Provide the influencer with the product free of charge in exchange for social promotion and  presence at automotive shows around the country. 
  • Target influencers with a large social following who need and love the product our client had to offer.
  • Target influencers with the content in mind. Basically, the vehicle had to be sweet and something that would capture the attention of other influencers and consumers alike. 
  • Share the story on social media channels and tag other influencers in the industry. 

Here’s an example of one of the more successful product sponsorships for this client. The key was to find the influencer who would make the most noise. 

This one took the cake! The only cost involved was the product sponsorship. The additional Instagram influencers shared the photo on their own without cost because well, the content was that good! 

Unsure of How to Approach Influencers?