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Case Study: Lifestyle Videos

Fondmetal needed brand awareness. With a B2B business model, they found it easy to distribute to dealers but had a lack of demand from the consumers.  

Our solution – videos to capture the lifestyle their target audience desires and can relate to. Take a look at a few of the videos that were created to captivate their audiences, grow their social following and thus increase demand for their product. 

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These videos were created as a way to pull at the heart strings of the consumer. Their lifestyle being the center focus and the product a second thought.

Through our research, we discovered that Fondmetal sells wheels but their customers are interested in the entire car and the lifestyle of an automotive enthusiast. It’s more than just selling a product, it’s about building a brand that demands authority in the marketplace. 


With this particular client, the budget was minimal. Each video was boosted, with a budget of approximately $5 per day over the span of a week. We saw engagement on each video increase by up to six times in comparison to non-boosted posts. 

Why boost Facebook posts? Since 2012, Facebook stopped allowing organic posts to be visible to all business page followers. Facebook decided there was too much content being published, bombarding people’s newsfeeds with irrelevant information. 

Another way  to combat this is through research! Your Marketing People will get to know your audience and create content that they are actually interested in! 


If you aren’t using video as an integral part of your content marketing strategy yet, your strategy is incomplete. We’re here to help.

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