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Ad Extensions

Let’s play a game. The next time you conduct a search on Bing or Google, take a hard look at which ads are grabbing your attention, and making you want to click-through to learn more. 

In addition to the colorful copy, you most likely will find yourself gravitating towards ads that feature ad extensions.

What are Ad Extensions?

Ad extensions are features provided by Google and Bing to add onto your pay-per-click ad that allow you to give the user more information about your business in hopes of increasing click-through rate (CTR). Google outlines two benefits – “more value” by increasing the amount of clicks and “improved visibility” as your ad tends to stand out more from your competitors. 

There are many types of ad extensions available for you to use; some you have to add yourself, others are automatically added by the search engine. Some examples are: call extensions (features a large call button), location extensions (features your business location), review extensions (feature a quote from a review), and sitelinks (separate links to help searchers land on a specific page on your site).

We’ve had our fair share of experience with ad extensions from managing multi-million budgeted PPC campaigns, so let’s go over the highlights we’ve seen.

Star Reviews

Imagine bright, orange stars making your ad sparkle. This ad extension is automatically added by Google but requires work for the business owner.

You have to meet Google’s threshold on the number of reviews from one of their trusted partners websites. This means you need to approach your database and ask for reviews, which can be time-consuming.

But stars make a huge difference in grabbing your customer’s attention!

star reviews on google


Interestingly, many advertisers use sitelinks as a way to highlight different key menu items on their main navigation, like the “About”, “Services” “Reviews” etc pages.

This works well for your branded keywords where a customer is searching directly for your company and wants to learn more about you.

But we found that there’s a better approach when it comes to non-branded keywords…

Think psychologically what the user would want.

It’s never just about you and your services; it’s about THEM and what can you provide THEM at the right time that THEY desperately need it.

That was exactly our line of thought when we created three sitelinks for our investment firm client that touched on the fears and phases of real estate investors:

  • Preparing for retirement
  • Real Estate for beginners
  • Uneasiness with the stock market

All sitelinks linked to a free download of a guide that was meant to genuinely educate the investor, ease any fears, and show them how to take the next steps with the company.

And wowwee! The results were rewarding. All three sitelinks converted higher than the average 7% conversion rate that the client typically sees.

Conversion Rate
Conversion Rate
Conversion Rate

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