Organic Social
Media Campaigns

The topic that’s on everyone’s mind and on everyone’s desktop, mobile, and tablet (when the boss isn’t looking) is…Social Media!

Let’s get right down to it. Social media has exploded in the last decade and continues to prove to be a valuable channel for sales, leads, engagement, and traffic. Everyone and everyone’s mom is on every social media channel known to man – pinning their favorite recipes, tweeting about celebrity break-ups, and posting rants about politics.

So if everyone is already there, how are you going to best utilize it?

A strong, organic Social Media Plan is a must in this day in age to help you maintain a brand voice and engage your targeted audiences.

From Mark Zuckerberg’s launch of Facebook, to Instagram, to disappearing chats, we’ve stayed current on the recent trends in social media to best assist our clients.

Here’s just a quick “snap” of what we’ve learned and accomplished:

Persona – Crafters and DIY Business Owners

With an inventory full of craft supplies and a database of small business owners, it was easy to identify which audiences this client needed to target to get the most out of their social media experience.

We took over their Facebook and Twitter channels, and established a strong, new presence on Pinterest and Instagram. Based off their demographics, these two channels held a majority of their clientele.

How We Performed


More Followers
More Followers
More Followers

Lead Generation

Social media is often times thought of as a brand awareness tool, but it can be used to accomplish your key performance indicators (KPIs). For our real estate investment client, its KPI was leads (sign-ups). Therefore we reworked their current Organic Social Media plan to concentrate heavily on achieving their goal.

We did this by creating landing pages that enticed the user to sign-up for the form to receive a free guide. This method proved successful as we increased leads by 428% within the first month of posting a variety of landing pages.

Lead Increase

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