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Case Study: Facebook: A Place to Find a Niche Audience

When you have a unique business that has a very specific target audience, it can become daunting at times to get in front of them to show off your product or service.  We were presented with this very same challenge.

The target audience for this business was affluent busy professionals who can benefit from passive real estate investing to build longterm wealth. 

After maxing out on our PPC efforts, we decided to experiment with Facebook Advertising. Our goal was to generate qualified leads, increase Facebook page fans, and increase engagement utilizing Facebook ads. 

Steps to a Successful Paid Social Campaign: 

Targeting the Right Audience:

To target affluent busy professionals we looked for those with:

  1. Interest: in real estate, financial investments, personal finance, value investing, investment banking, etc. 
  2. Behavior: highly likely investors, full service investors, likely to have expensive hobbies like golfing, boating, and winter sports like skiing, etc. 
  3. Job Titles: corporate executives, financial, medical, tech professionals, etc. 

And overlapped them with those who have a target net worth of over $2 Million and income over $200,000/year.  

Ad that Triggers Emotion: 

Once we’ve identified the target audience, it was just a matter of triggering an emotional response by addressing their pain points.

For our target audience, we knew that they

  1. are busy professionals
  2. appreciated a relaxing lifestyle
  3. are mostly men

So we chose an image to trigger an emotion to address those points.  

Then we set our campaign budgets and objective to conversions and launched (fingers crossed). 


It took a couple of days for Facebook’s algorithm to ramp up, but once it did, leads started pouring in at a lower cost per lead than we’ve ever seen before.  

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