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Case Study: Look-a-like Audience vs. Interest and Behavior Targeting

When we first launched our Facebook campaign we targeted based on our audience’s interest, behavior and income.  That’s because we didn’t have enough clients to create a look-a-like audience in Facebook.  As soon as we had enough clients, we decided to give Facebook’s look-a-like audiences a try.  After all, we’ve heard and read such great things about it.

How Facebook Look-a-like Works

  1. First, you get a list of your customer’s email addresses or phone numbers.
  2. Upload that customer list to Facebook and create a list called Customers.
  3. Facebook then automatically creates a look-a-like audience from that list by taking the customer list and finding profiles similar to your customer list. Facebook use a number of data points to find and create a list that resembles your customers.  


The look-a-like audience performed a whole lot better than audience’s interest, behavior, and income campaigns. Cost per lead was 56% lower. Conversion rate was 300% higher for the same ad.

Lower Cost per Lead
Increase in Conversion Rate

Why Did Look-a-like Audience Perform Better?

We wondered why did the look-like-audience perform better? What did we miss when we targeted based on interest and behavior? To find out, we looked at the breakdown of the demographics.

Interest and Behavior Targeting Demographics Breakdown

With interest and behavior targeting our demographics breakdown skewed more towards males between the ages of 55 to 64.

Look-a-Like Demographics Breakdown

Look-a-like list had a mix of male and female and age distribution was skewed mostly 35 – 44

We ran other campaigns choosing similar demographics to the look-a-like campaign, but over and over again the look-a-like campaign out performed all other campaigns.  Why fight such a good thing? So, we now stick to running look-a-like campaigns and a/b test ad copy to improve performance.

Have you tried running a Look-a-like Facebook campaign?

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