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Customer Video Testimonial: Case Study

In this current age, proof of credibility is expected and video is the way to share it. 

This powerful tool provides an emotional connection with your viewers. There’s something special about seeing a real person believe in a product enough to get behind a camera and share about it. Trust is built, and sales are made. 

Let’s take a look at one of our customer testimonials. This video portrays a combination of brand advocacy, product partnership for increased shares, and a strong storyline to capture the target audience. 

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The Strategy

  • Find the right customer who is genuinely ecstatic about your brand! Michael Passarge went out of his way to become a brand rep for Fondmetal. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to interview these types of customers.
  • Know the lifestyle your brand attracts. The video was crafted to best interact with Fondmetal’s community of racing enthusiasts. Know what your customers like and join their community. Don’t try to fit them into yours.
  • Partner with other brands who have a social following. Collaborating with other products within your industry will always give you more shares and access into a new customer base.
  • Utilize influencers.  Various relatable organizations/influencers were tagged in this Facebook post. They ended up sharing the post and increasing the amount of views an exponential amount, free-of-charge!

Videos can be a daunting task – from the equipment, to the story line, to the production, videography, editing and sharing. Overwhelmed yet? Your Marketing People has you covered. 

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