What's Going to Explode in Marketing this Year

2017 came in with a fierce fury, and continues to be full of surprises. Good or bad, 2017 is here and it’s sticking around for awhile. 365 days to be exact.

So what can we expect in 2017?

Our crystal ball won’t give away too much, but we can give you some insight into what we foresee will be explosive in 2017 for marketing.

Hold on tight, it’s going to be a thrilling ride… 

“This year is going to be all about live streaming and podcasts. I’m already a huge podcast listener, and can’t wait to listen to new ones that will be entering this growing, marketing medium. Maybe even Your Marketing People? (hint, hint) And live streaming is the new way for businesses to engage their clients by answering questions real time and connecting with them on a whole new level. I see this medium gaining in popularity this year.”


“Personalization and segmenting your audiences is going to be a revival for businesses who have stale clients. With the cost of pay-per-click ads climbing, businesses will be looking into their current client database and strategizing ways to re-engage them. Persona targeting is going to increase this year as businesses realize the true cost of gaining a new client versus bringing one back to life.”


“If you think video is going to die down this year, you’re kidding yourself. Video is going to continue to take precedent over a majority of other content types when it comes to sharing and engagement. Businesses who haven’t started creating videos need to catch-up, especially since even more and more ages are turning to this medium. Contrary to popular belief, video usage spans across all ages. From millennials to Generation Xers, you can find your target audience through video marketing.”


Do you agree or disagree?

Either way, let us know with a comment below.