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If you have a brick and mortar business (physical presence), it’s very likely that most your customers are local. Unlike online businesses that serve nationwide or even worldwide, you have a limited target audience due to the limitation of the business’ geographical area. But the good news is that in this age of technology, everyone goes online to find the service or product they need. That is why it’s so important for local brick and mortar businesses to make sure to have a web presence and rank on popular search engines, like Google, for keywords that are related to your business. 

But a lot of the time many business owners don’t have the time or know where to get started.

That was the same for our law firm client. 

Identifying the Geographical Area to Target

By the nature of the business, a person looking for a lawyer to represent them, typically finds one locally. The question we had to answer was, “Who was our local target audience?” We started by identifying the local cities where the law firm could service.

Keyword Research

Once cities were determined, we then identified the most searched keywords that fit our client. 

We identified 140 keywords that the law firm could benefit from. We know that’s a lot of keywords, but we put an SEO plan together for the 1st year and went to work. 

The results blew us away! Needless to say, the client was very happy too.

Within the first 3 months of optimizing the website, we indexed 50% of the keywords and 8% of the keywords were already showing above the fold (ranked 1 – 4) on Google.

Ranking Distribution for 140 Keywords

Month 1Month 3Month 6Month 9Month 12
Above Fold (Positions 1 - 4)08%27%45%48%
Page 1 (Positions 1 - 10)019%52%66%76%
Page 2 (Positions 11 - 20)013%9%14%13%
Page 3 - 10019%24%9%8%
Total Ranked051%85%90%96%

Within the first year we were able to get 96% of the keywords that were found nowhere a year prior, ranked on Google and nearly 50% were above the fold. 1/3 of the keywords were ranked on the first page of Google. 

Above the fold on Google (Position 1 - 4)
Page 1 of Google (Position 1 - 10)
Page 2 of Google (Position 11 - 20)
Would you like to be ranked for your local business?

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