Your Marketing People 2019 Scholarship Winner!

About the Winner – Ava Butera

We are thrilled to announce Your Marketing People’s 2019 Scholarship Winner Ava Butera. Ava is the Editor of Heart Eyes Magazine
and is interested in pursuing a career in the Marketing Industry.

Her greatest interests are advertising, public relations, and the music business aspects of the industry. Ava is very creative, and for fun is a photographer for a handful of music publications. Check out Honey Punch Magazine to view some of Ava’s talented photography work.

Ava’s favorite subjects in school are English and Art which will help lead her to a successful marketing career. We are so proud of her essay on The Future of Digital Marketing and are excited to share her Scholarship winning work.

The Future of Digital Marketing by Ava Butera

In my opinion, I believe that the future of marketing lies within social media and online channels. 20 years ago, the mere idea of print advertisements, television campaigns, and billboards becoming obsolete would have been laughable. However, in 2019, this is just the case. Fewer and fewer millenials are regularly watching television or reading newspapers. The majority of teens and young adults receive their news via social media and Internet news sources. This is the main reason why I believe the place where marketing techniques will thrive is on social media and other internet platforms, such as Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify – places where the general population spends their free time.

    According to Forbes Magazine, in the past, digital marketing has faults in it, in that various businesses that were trying out the new technique a few years back believed the only driving force for the campaigns was “to increase visits to websites” however, the reason this would not benefit companies now is because “it has no focus on lead conversion and proper online lead qualification”(Ghattas). For current marketing campaigns, as well as future ones, engagement, access, and customization are three characteristics that should greatly be considered. As a freelance journalist and photographer myself, I constantly am testing out new social media techniques in order to increase community engagement, the amount of times a post is shared, followers, and access to my account. This is why I wholeheartedly believe in the listed techniques that Forbes claims are the future of digital marketing.

    Since I want to ultimately pursue a career in the Communications + Marketing field, I don’t really want to admit that Artificial Intelligence is also a strong possibility of who will be taking over the digital marketing channel a few years down the road, however this is really looking like where the career path is heading. According to Smart Insights, a marketing advice publication, “artificial intelligence has been a hot topic of late, particularly since Google’s Alpha Go AI beat the world Go champion” and therefore, “combining AI with content personalization offers some incredible opportunities for marketers,” further the claim I made earlier (Allen).

    Additionally, as I mentioned earlier that social media will ultimately be the future of digital marketing, Smart Insights, also reports that 63% of respondents in an Economist Intelligence Unit Survey from 2016 claimed that out of the digital marketing channels that social media is the top choice. Though basic ones such as web and email were included, social media had a huge response. This just goes to show how big a role technology and social media plays in the lives of today’s society.

    With the help of developing tactics like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook advertisements on 21st century phone applications as well as the career of ‘social media influencer’ becoming more and more prevalent, I truly believe that digital marketing will ultimately turn to social media platforms. This will definitely be for the better for marketing firms, given the way society has progressed.

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