6 Last-Minute Tips to Boost Your Black Friday Sales

It’s only two days until Black Friday. Ek! Are you pulling your hair out yet or is it falling out on its own? Don’t worry, we have you covered on the best last-minute tips to boost your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Take a look at the below checklist and follow our sales tips below to ensure you’re getting the most out of the biggest shopping day of the year!

Your Black Friday Checklist

  • Your promotion details are complete. Your promotion details are complete. This should be one of your best sales of the year. Time to finalize your winning sales promo. Make sure you take into consideration what worked best for you last year, what your competitors did, and seriously consider experimenting with flash sales throughout the day.
  • Your Black Friday email list is ready. You’ve been working for weeks to promote email subscriptions so that your customers are ready to shop with you on Black Friday. Be sure to send out a reminder email when the sale starts and ends. Pro tip: Segment your email lists. For example, only send a reminder to those customers who opened your first email or to those who clicked through but didn’t purchase anything.
  • Your marketing channels are finalized. Besides emails, you know which channels you’re going to use to promote your sale. This is the one you still have time to improve before Black Friday (keep reading on)!

Last-Minute Sales Tips

If you want your promotion to get the best possible results, follow these last-minute PPC tips to boost your Black Friday sales:

1. Research trending items and topics that relate to your products.

Do this right now! You can use ahrefs, Google Trends, or other tools of your choice. For instance, “gifts for toddlers” might be increasing in search volume and completely relates to your toy offerings. Add this keyword and similar ones into a new campaign to gain more traffic and sales.

2. Create Pay Per Click ads using these terms.

Use the top five terms from step 1 to create new PPC campaigns. Depending on your budget, you may choose to experiment with different match types (broad, phrase, exact, etc.) to reach your goals. Make sure your ads contain the keyword in the headline to increase your Quality Score and impression share.

3. Incorporate ad extensions.

These will give you more real estate on the search results page for your Black Friday sales, but you can also use these specific ad extensions for:

  • Site links: Highlight your Black Friday promotions and specific pages on your website.
  • Call extensions: Help your customers, especially mobile users, get ahold of your sales representatives quickly to make a purchase.
  • Location extensions: Customers can quickly find the nearest physical location in time for Black Friday shopping, if applicable.
  • Promotions extensions: This is another opportunity to highlight your Black Friday promotion on your ad and increase your CTR.

4. Retarget PPC ads.

Increase bids for past customers who have already been to your website and target them with specific ads related to what they were browsing. With dynamic ads, you can even showcase the products they added to their cart but never checked out with to entice them to complete their purchase. A Black Friday promotion is sure to make many customers complete their order!

5. Rinse and Repeat for Facebook.

Redo the first four steps to create Facebook ads to highlight your Black Friday promotion.

6. On Cyber Monday, run retargeting campaigns on PPC and Facebook.

Cyber Monday follows right behind Black Friday, so keep the ball rolling! Immediately after Black Friday, quickly review what worked and what didn’t with your ads and promotions—look at it from a higher level since nobody wants to work on the weekend! Then retarget customers who visited your website on Black Friday and you could even offer an even better promotion to those who left items in their cart to motivate them to complete their purchase. Just remember to exclude Black Friday purchasers from any Cyber Monday deals, otherwise, you may have upset customers asking for a price match.

After the Sales

After the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are over, set some time aside to run a full analysis, paying particular attention to: your top-selling items; the time of day that took in the most orders; the marketing channel that brought in the most sales; and what your competitors did differently and how they fared. You can use this information to plan your future sales and next year’s holiday campaigns.

To stay ahead of your competitors on Black Friday next year, it’s often beneficial to ask for outside help. Your Marketing People is available to plan, implement, and grow your future Black Friday sales. We can run a full analysis and pinpoint areas to expand your holiday campaigns for next year, including which marketing channels to go after and what type of promotion will benefit you the most. Contact Your Marketing People today to learn more.