Facebook Advertising – Why You Need this Channel in Your Marketing Strategy

Facebook Advertising is a Must

Facebook is for socializing, not for buying. Facebook advertising is too expensive. My customers aren’t on Facebook.

Every excuse in the book – We’ve heard them all.

And we’re not buying them. It’s a harsh reality, but your brand needs to be on Facebook, and you need to be using their paid services. Organic reach on Facebook is now lower than 2 percent, so if you want customers to notice your brand, you’ve got to pay to play.

If you’re still asking, “Is Facebook advertising worth it?” The answer is yes, and here are three reasons why.

1. Your audience is actually there.

Facebook reached the 2 billion user mark earlier this year, so there’s no more pretending that your audience isn’t there. It’s the largest social network by far, and over 1.1 billion of those users return to log in every single day. With Facebook Advertising, you get access to all those potential customers.

facebook monthly users

And let’s not forget beyond Facebook. Just as Google AdWords includes YouTube and Google’s Display Network, Facebook advertisers have access to Instagram and Facebook Messenger users, as well as Facebook’s Audience Network.

But the real beauty of Facebook’s advertising platform is its advanced targeting options. Do you need females between the ages of 18 to 25 who like buying Chanel make-up in southern California? You can target that exact audience. Do you want people who share the same buying habits, interests, and demographics as your particular set of customers? Upload your email subscriber list and create a Lookalike Audience. How about people who already visited your website, but didn’t click the buy button? Set up a retargeting campaign.

Facebook’s targeting is a marketer’s dream. Put its magic to work for your brand.

2. It’s cheaper than other advertising platforms.

Surprise, surprise, our clients see huge cost savings when they use Facebook advertising compared to their other advertising channels.

On Google AdWords, the average CPC is $2.32 and the average CPA is $59.18. Facebook, by comparison, offers a $1.72 CPC and $18.68 CPA. We won’t even get into the average CPC and CPA for traditional advertising methods like radio and television.

In fact, depending on your industry, your cost per click on Facebook can even be 50% lower than paid search.

facebook ad cost by industry

Facebook ads have a lower cost per click, a higher conversion rate, and a lower cost per acquisition overall. If you’re spending any money on advertising, there is absolutely no reason why your brand shouldn’t be using Facebook.

facebook advertising is cheaper

3. You have a variety of ad options to choose from.

facebook lead adsFacebook also shines in its choice of ad formats. Not only can you choose who you want to show your ad to, you can also choose where and what kind of ad you want to show them. Here are some of the popular options:

  • Lead Ads that eliminate the forms for customers, using their Facebook data instead to complete signups so they don’t have to visit a separate landing page
  • Canvas Ads that expand to take over the screen, perfect for immersive content experiences
  • Video Ads that appear in the News Feed or as commercials in the recently launched Facebook Watch
  • Carousel Ads that let users click through multiple images, ideal for abandoned shopping carts

All these ad options allow your brand to really tell your story and engage with your audiences in a way that’s not possible with the stagnant text and image ads we’re used to seeing (and ignoring). We’ve seen video ads in particular work wonders for our clients on Facebook.

What are you waiting for?

Facebook ads introduce your brand to billions of users, and they’re cheaper and more effective to boot.

Don’t wait to try Facebook advertising. Let us help and you will see even better results! Contact us today.