How SEO Can Increase Sales

It seems logical, if you think about it – successful SEO increases traffic. With more people coming to your website, your sales will increase exponentially to match your new traffic numbers.

But…what if you increase your traffic AND increase your conversion rate? This means even more $!

That was exactly the plan we derived for our online gift packaging company that needed a boost in ranking and sales of their ribbons.

The Strategy

Built completely on content and focusing on quality articles, we executed the following SEO plan:

  • New blog post every business day (5 blogs/week)
  • Every blog to link and/or feature a product with variation in CTA
  • Every blog focused on one to two top keywords
  • Updates to the websites: Added sidebar ads to shop, created mobile website, and redesigned landing page for shopping by category

Within only six months, we saw huge results!

The Results 

More Sales
More Traffic

Ranked for "Ribbon" on Google

Month 1Not in Top 100
Month 229
Month 314
Month 6First Page of Google

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