Landing Page

One trait that you will find in great marketers is their tenacity to test over and over again to increase performance metrics. Most assume that once a campaign is completed, the hard work stops there.

But marketing never stops when you hit the live button; no, the real fun doesn’t start until you dig into the analytics.

Here’s a worthwhile case study of how improving a landing page, not only increased the conversion rate, but also decreased cost per lead. Basically, we got more leads (customers) for the client at a lower cost than they were paying previously. 



Improvements Made:

  • Lessen Header Size: This allows the content and form to be higher on the page, increasing visibility.
  • Arrow on form: Directs the user to the next step on the page – submit the form. 
  • Background image: A light background of homes signals to the user what the landing page is about and also makes the black copy easier to read than the previous white on blue background.
  • Smaller Font, Less Padding: By removing any unnecessary padding and having a smaller font size, the trust logos are more likely to be seen without a user having to scroll.


Conversion Rate
Cost Per Lead

With a 99.9% confidence level, Challenger wins! Over a two weeks span, the PPC landing page had a 101% increase in conversion rate (6% to 12%), and a 50% decrease in CPL. This means we acquired roughly 100% more leads with less than 50% of the previous budget. This proved to be a real win for our clients.

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